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Walker Audio's Velocitor
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Walker Audio's Velocitor

Power Conditioners by Walker Audio

Manufacturer's Description:
6 outlet version is pictured.

The Velocitor “SS” is named for the E-SST Extreme Super Silver Treatment and the Silent Source wire used in it construction. It is designed and built for the best sound and video reproduction possible.   

We employ a deep cryogenic process to treat the Silent Source wire and IECs and use Synergistic Research Tesla outlets for customers wanting U.S.-style outlets and the best Furutech outlets for customers needing Schuko outlets.

E-SST is applied to all the connections in the AC power path and the connections are screw terminated.  No solder is used in the power wiring. We use a parallel noise detection circuit to remove noise and assist the power delivery.

The Velocitor will not limit dynamics. In fact, dynamics will be improved. With cleaner, faster power, you will notice a much larger, open soundstage with faster dynamics and a natural presentation filled with details you never heard before. The grit, grain and glare disappear and harmonics hang in the air easily and naturally.

If used on video, expect a much improved, more realistic picture with richer colors and more depth perspective so that the action takes places in a more real sense of space.

We do not incorporate anything that would degrade the sound.  We have found with other power line conditioners we’ve tried that there is always a trade-off.  The noise floor may be lowered, but usually at the expense of the dynamics and/or loss of information.  We incorporate nothing in the power path to alter the power supplied.  There is no on/off switch, L.E.D.s, fuses, surge suppressors, transformers, chokes, filters, bells, or whistles.  Just your music - at its best.
Product Description

Jatoba with a tung oil finish. Size: 10 x 7 x 7 3/4 in. 

Available with six or two U.S. outlets or six Schuko outlets, convenient external ground, IEC connector for custom power cord. Height measured with Valid Points on discs.  Dedicated stand is optional and recommended for best sound.

Recommended Setup

  • Use the 6-outlet Velocitor for your front-end components.
  • Use one 2-outlet Velocitor for stereo amps or lower powered mono block amps.
  • Use two 2-outlet Velocitors for high powered mono block amps.


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Price: $3,395.00
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