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Black Cat Cable's Veloce Digital
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Black Cat Cable's Veloce Digital

Digital Cables by Black Cat Cable

Manufacturer's Description:

STEREOLAB™  announces BLACK CAT CABLE, designed to deliver maximum performance for a minimum price.

The first product onto the Black Cat line will be a pure, 75 Ohm digital cable called Veloce – after the Italian word for “fast”

“It’s derived from my $250  (Stereovox) XV-2 design, which we discontinued after introducing the XV-Ultra in late 2009. As an entry-level digital cable, it’s another giant slayer,” said Chris Sommovigo, designer for Stereolab cables.  The Veloce uses the same proprietary combination RCA/BNC connector that has been used on the XV-2 and the current XV-Ultra to allow maximum flexibility for component connections

Sommovigo, who is best known for his digital cable designs beginning with the founding of Illuminati, has also designed a fair selection of analog and phono cables over the past 18 years, both under his own corporate monikers as well as for other companies.

The Veloce digital cable retails for a special "direct" price of $123 for 1.23 meters, and is not available in any other length.  The manufacturer and dealer margins for this product are unusually small in order to offer the maximum value, so no additional price incentives can apply.

The Veloce digital cable comes with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. When purchased from The Cable Company, customers also have the option to try the cable before they buy it through the use of their Cable Lending Library.

Stereolab has also made an arrangement with The Cable Company to provide for a 100% trade-in value for Veloce when upgrading to the Stereolab XV-Ultra digital cable. Users will have the option of trading up during their first 365 days of ownership of the Veloce cable.

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