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Stealth Audio's Varidig AES/EBU
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Stealth Audio's Varidig AES/EBU

Digital: AES/EBU by Stealth Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Varidig is our exclusive (patent pending) technology. Varidig is different from any other digital cable on the market because its porous Teflon® dielectric is thicker in the middle of the cable than it is at the ends. The picture below shows geometry of the AES/EBU Varidig: please note as the wires become smaller in diameter as they approach the end (the termination point); the twisting pitch also varies along the cable - which is a great help in reducing cable' internal resonances.

This specialized dielectric geometry eliminates impedance mismatch at the critical points (where the connectors are attached to the cable, i.e. between the inherently low-impedance RCA connectors, or still far from 110 Ohms XLRs, and the cable itself) which allows to achieve the correct characteristic impedance of the ENTIRE cable, including the connectors (75 Ohms for the S/PDIF version, and 110 Ohms for the AES/EBU) and thus greatly reduce signal reflections in the cable. This Varidig technology works equally well with S/PDIF and AES/EBU configurations. Please see our Technical Notes for more details on the Varidig design.

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Price: $800.00
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