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We are not offering new Nordost products for purchase at this time, however as a service to our customers we continue to offer some Nordost cables for in-home audition through the Cable Library.

Manufacturer's Description:

VALHALLA Reference Power Cord from Nordost redefines the standards of performance in this category. The Valhalla offers a dramatic sound stage, tremendous dynamic range and superb articulation of the musical event. When used with video components; clarity, detail, and the natural depth of colors are revealed. Valhalla Power Cord uses our new proprietary 'Dual Micro Mono-filament' technology to enhance audio and video performance.

The cable consists of 7 solid extruded silver 16 AWG OFC conductors suspended in a Dual Micro Mono-Filament design. By using solid core extruded silver over OFC conductors, strand interaction, hot spots and carbonization, which can occur in stranded cables, are eliminated ensuring optimum performance. The VAHALLA power cable has a very high propagation speed. Unlike conventional power cables which have propagation speeds of less than 50% the speed of light, VALHALLA Reference power cord has a speed of 90 % the speed of light. This offers vast improvements in all facets of musical and visual performance. VALHALLA power cable also uses Nordost's proprietary 'Dual Micro Mono-Filament' technology which greatly enhances audio and video performance. This technology uses two FEP Mono-Filament threads which are wound around one another. These dual Mono-Filaments are then drawn around the conductor in a very precise helix pattern, this construction introduces more air space around the conductors and insulation contact with the conductors is reduced by more than 85%. Extruded FEP insulation is superior to all other materials in that it has very low signal loss and a high thermal efficiency meaning that it dissipates heat very quickly. This allows greater power to be transferred more efficiently. The use of FEP Micro Mono-Filament construction which has a very low dielectric constant and minimal insulation contact with the conductor means power is transferred extremely efficiently. Dual Micro Mono-Filament technology increases current flow, improves the transmission speed to over 90% the speed of light and dissipates heat. This design lowers the resistance of the cable keeping power loss extremely low.

By using very precise manufacturing techniques, whereby the seven mono-filament silver plated power conductors are wound in a special configuration, the impedance, capacitance, and other electrical specifications are maintained to very tight tolerances. Another benefit of this design is to eliminate external EMI/RF interference. The result is truly superb sound quality and stunning visuals.

Each VALHALLA Reference is hand built at our factory in the USA using highest quality Gold Plated connectors. Each cable uses the highest grade IEC connectors with triple gold plated Oxygen Free Copper contacts for improved conductivity. The design of the connector eliminates stress so that heat cycling and vibration will not loosen the contact points. IEC and AC Main Plugs are used in each cable.

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