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VooDoo Cable's Ultra Wave
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VooDoo Cable's Ultra Wave

Power Cables by VooDoo Cable

Manufacturer's Description:

The Ultra Wave is a high capacitance power cord that allows plenty of headroom for even the most power hungry high-current monoblocks, power amps, and high-end AC power conditioners. The Ultra Wave Powercord is built with #8 AWG high-purity silver-plated copper conductors and terminated with the cryogenically treated gold-plated VooDoo PowerPhase IEC Connector and AC Plug, which are hand-polished and treated with audio-grade contact solution. All of the wire and connectors used to build the Ultra Wave Power Cord have been cryogenically treated in our cold fusion deep-immersion process to structurally align and fuse the metallurgical molecular bond in the conductive metals for optimal sonic performance. To achieve balanced inductance, the conductors are insulated with Teflon and low-density polyethylene dielectric. The cord body is sheathed with Platinum Gray abrasion-resistant polyethylene mesh sleeve over a polyethylene mesh jacket for maximum durability and optimal flexibility. 

The Ultra Wave Powercord is available with optional 20 amp IEC, Right-Angle and International type AC connectors. 

Pricing Information

Wall Plug
Component IEC
Price: $350.00
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