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Walker Audio's Ultra Vivid CD and DVD Enhancer
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Walker Audio's Ultra Vivid CD and DVD Enhancer

CD Accessories by Walker Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Ultra Vivid improves the picture quality of DVDs significantly and enhances the sound quality of both DVDs, SACDs and CDs.

Ultra Vivid cleans and de-statics DVDs, SACDs, and CDs. It removes any release film from the disc and has an optical enhancer that renders the plastic transparent so the laser can correctly read the information on the disc. This means you see and hear what was recorded instead of the error correction system’s interpretation of it. Note: Ultra Vivid is safe for regular SACDs. Do not use on SACDs that have a gold external tint.

How To Apply:

Shake the bottle vigorously before use. Put three to four drops on a supplied foam pad and apply to the disc using light to moderate pressure. Then immediately, before the solution dries, use a supplied wiper and buff the disc using moderate pressure. Turn the wiper to get a clean surface and continue to buff until the disc is dry and a high shine appears. For best results, buff from center hole to outside edge.

Next apply one or two drops to the applicator pad and using moderate pressure, apply Ultra Vivid to the outside edge of the disc. Before it dries, use a supplied wiper and buff the outside edge until it is dry and a high shine appears. Then rebuff the playing surface to remove any overlap. Do not apply to the label side of the disc.

Usually one application is all that is needed. Some discs have a tougher release film. It will not hurt the disc to repeat the procedure and you may realize an even better result doing it twice.           

NOTE: Always close the bottle spout immediately after using. Leaving it open will allow the fluids needed for proper remixing to evaporate over time. Best if used within nine months of opening.

Using The Foam Pads and Wipers

Use a clean portion of the foam pad each time. You may use the reverse side. When the pad is used up on both sides, it may be cleaned by washing it with dishwashing liquid. Squeeze out the excess water and let dry. 

Use a fresh part of the wiper each time. Once the solution has dried on the wiper with the removed contaminants, reusing that area can scratch the disc. If you run out of the supplied wipers, you can use a clean 100% cotton cloth or Kleenex Viva paper towels. Do not use any other brands of paper towel as they will scratch. 

What To Expect With DVDs and CDs:

On DVDs, Ultra Vivid will improve both picture and sound.  Look for a cleaner, sharper image. Colors will be more alive without harshness or brightness. Look for a sense of depth to the picture. Distances between foreground and background objects become more realistic. Also, listen for sound effects to be more distinct and focused. The audio will have dimensionality and sounds will appear to move across the soundstage.  With Ultra Vivid, you will hear more of the music that is on a CD. The sound will be clearer and more focused.   Bass will be fuller, yet more precise and distinct. The upper ranges will be less harsh. You may even hear parts of the music you never heard before. 

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