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Walker Audio's Ultra Vivid CD/DVD Enhancer
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Walker Audio's Ultra Vivid CD/DVD Enhancer

Cleaners by Walker Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Ultra Vivid CD/DVD Enhancer

Makes CDs and DVDs more involving and realistic.  Allows your player to read the information on the disc more accurately so you hear and see what is actually there. 

Ultra Vivid enhances the sound quality of CDs and other discs including Blu-Ray, SACDs, and DVDs as well as significantly improving the picture quality of DVDs. The improvement is amazing, easily a 10 to 20% improvement.   You will not believe how good digital can be until you use Ultra Vivid.

Ultra Vivid cleans and de-statics and removes any release film or other contaminates left over from themanufacturing process. It has an optical enhancer that renders the plastic transparent so the laser cancorrectly read the information on the disc. This means you see and hear what was recorded instead of the error correction system’s interpretation of it.


On CDs

You will hear more of the music. The sound will be clearer and more focused.   Bass will be deeper and fuller, yet more precise and distinct. The upper ranges will be extended and less harsh. You will hear parts of the music you never heard before. 



Ultra Vivid will improve both picture and sound.  Look for a cleaner, sharper image. Colors will be more alive without harshness or brightness. Look for a sense of depth to the picture. Distances between foreground and background objects become more realistic. Also, listen for sound effects to be more distinct and focused.

The audio will have dimensionality and sounds will appear to move across the soundstage. 

A Word About Scratches

Ultra Vivid contains no abrasives. It will not remove scratches. However, the optical enhancers will make the scratch transparent so the laser can read the information accurately. Removing scratches actually removes information from the disc and degrades the sound.


Note: Ultra Vivid is safe for regular SACDs. It is safe on all gold SACDs except those that have a gold

external tint and those that specify that no cleaner is to be used on them.

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