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Symposium Acoustics's Ultra Platform
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Symposium Acoustics's Ultra Platform

Racks and Stands by Symposium Acoustics

Manufacturer’s Description:
Additional custom sizes are available.  Please call for details.

Packaged with 3 Precision Couplers; 19 x 24 and larger sizes include 4 or more Couplers.

The Symposium Ultra Platform evolved from our first product, the Super Platform, and was created in an attempt to push the performance limits for a solid equipment platform further than had previously been possible. Experiments and listening tests in many different types of systems indicated that those aspects of the Super which could directly benefit lay in the thickness of the foam center section (which serves as a "heat sink" that converts mechanical energy to heat) and in additional constrain layering of the critical top layer. Also, a new, larger coupler was made which would provide more surface area contact between the Ultra's top and the equipment chassis.

The Ultra retains the following features of Symposium energy absorption construction:

Ordered constrained-layer construction
Superior energy dissipation with low reflection back to the component
Solid platform with no "bounce"
No leveling problems.
No leakage problems.
Virtually no weight limit.
Zero interaction problems with tuned suspensions of turntables.
Performance independent of its support structure
Ideal interface for Rollerblocks, cones, and most "footer devices."
Compatible on top of low frequency isolation devices

Compared to the Super Plus Platform, the standard Ultra Platform has 2 major distinctions:
Double thickness center "heatsink"
Banded center foam section

The Ultra consists of a multilayered design (right) of varying density materials. But what's different about Symposium constrained-layer construction is that we have arranged the density of these layers in a specific order, from dense (metal top) to less dense, and then back again. The idea here is to gradually change density in steps, in the same direction, so that energy may penetrate more easily through adjacent layers. This unique but essentially simple design achieves optimal energy drainage from both the component side AND the support (bottom) side at the same time. This "dual direction" absorption provides effective isolation without eliminating the advantages of good energy drainage, and does it without introducing any mechanical "reactances" which are caused by materials which store and release energy, such as sorbothane and other rubber products. Instead of behaving like a reactive load, the design is more resistive, which means it is resonance-free, adding no colorations to the component's sonic "character" in attaining its goal of reducing noise and distortions in the components it treats.

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Price: $699.00
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