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Symposium Acoustics's Ultra Padz
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Symposium Acoustics's Ultra Padz

Feet by Symposium Acoustics

Manufacturer's Description:


Ultra Padz are used as stationary "footer" devices under active and passive components and loudspeakers, and achieve two goals: they damp or "drain" vibratory energy, and also provide isolation from the support surface. By obeying these basic rules of vibration, ULTRA PADZ can reduce distortion by reducing levels of spurious vibratory energy present in the component.

ULTRA PADZ benefits are audible as better tonal rendition, improved dynamic range and virtual imaging with audio components, and as clearer, sharper picture rendition with video components.

Installation of Ultra Padz is simple; just place them as you would ordinary foot or cone devices. They are suitable for placement on all surfaces- wood, plastic, stone, glass, or metal, and can even be used on TOP of small components. When used as equipment supprts, ULTRA PADZ create a more optimal mechanical "ground" which is preferable to resonant or undamped surfaces such as granite slabs, glass, undamped metal, plexiglass, and plastic sleeves.

Start by placing ULTRA PADZ in a broad triangle on the shelf or rack space you'll be using. Let the tops of the ULTRA PADZ touch the bare chassis bottom of your component, being careful to avoid existing built-in feet, protruding bolts, screw heads, etc. Placement can be important for best results: we recommend that you start by placing your ULTRA PADZ in the corners or near the edges, about 1 to 3 inches in from the edges. TIP: "Butting" one edge of the ULTRA PADZ against protruding screws or bolts will improve results, because the "grounds" internal structures, improving the mechanical damping of internal circuitry in your component.

Under Loudspeakers:
ULTRA PADZ are great with speakers. When placing speakers, be careful not to place too much weight on any one ULTRA PAD at a time, in order to avoid compressing the foam center.

Set of 4:
If you have a set of 4, make sure that all 4 ULTRA PADZ have good contact to the bottom of the equipment chassis- most chassis are not perfectly flat, and one Ultra Pad will usually be slightly "loose". Move this 4th Ultra Pad around until it and the other three are all tight under the component for best results.

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