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JPS Labs's Ultra Conductor 2 Dual Bi-Wire (Pair)
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JPS Labs's Ultra Conductor 2 Dual Bi-Wire (Pair)

Speaker Cables by JPS Labs

Manufacturer's Description:

Available in even numbered lengths only. (6ft,8ft,10ft etc...)

When JPS Labs learns a few new tricks in addition to all of those already incorporated over the years into their many unique cable designs, they can't help but share them within their family. Their flagship Aluminata Series had a thing or two that could be engineered into the lower cost designs of the World's renown high-end cable designer while still keeping them an exceptional value.

UltraConductor 2 brings a closer glimpse into the source by giving their owners exciting bass definition, clarity of voice and life, and effortless high frequency extension, some of the exceptional qualities JPS cables are so well known for, and then some- sound conveyed in a very well balanced, exciting manner without noise, fatigue, or remorse, just beautiful music.

Pricing Information

Amp End
Speaker End
Price: $499.00
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