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Artkustik's Ultra Animator
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Artkustik's Ultra Animator

Misc. Accessories by Artkustik

Manufacturer's Description:

What is the Animator Ultra?

The Animator Ultra is a device that has a universal and positive effect on all physical recorded media. It improves the sound of CD’s and LP’s in a substantial way. Instruments occupy their own space, leading edge transients are sharpened, and complex harmonic content is more clearly revealed, adding to more natural decay, and greater sense of “aliveness”. Works on analog tape also. 

DVD’s and Blu-Ray reproduction is also improved, with better color fidelity and image depth.

How does the Animator work?

Natural Quartz crystals along with proprietary materials cause a molecular restructuring of the media, which reduces stress, and significantly improves its mechanical, acoustic, electric, and optical characteristics.

Available in full size Wand ($599 USA retail) , and also small Cable Animators (($299 each USA retail) to strap to audio cables (12" from the IEC for AC cables and interconnects, and in the center of speaker cables).

Pricing Information

Price: $299.00
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