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High Fidelity Cables's Ultimate Reference Digital
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High Fidelity Cables's Ultimate Reference Digital

Digital: SPDIF by High Fidelity Cables

Manufacturer's Description:

A digital cable carries it's signal as an analog waveform. These analog waveforms differ from normal line level signals, they operate in the Mhz range at very high bandwidth frequencies. The Magnetic Conduction approach to digital signal transfer results in higher slew rate, less jitter, and far superior performance compared to standard cables. The Ultimate Reference is our final cable with this current technology. It has a greater and even more powerful Magentic Conduction effect.

Magnetic Conduction is a directional technology. For proper performance please be sure that the arrows on your cables point away from your source and toward your amps/outputs.

Pricing Information

Source End [Upstream]
Load End [Downstream]
Price: $4,450.00
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