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Acoustic Revive's USB-SP USB
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Acoustic Revive's USB-SP USB

USB Cable by Acoustic Revive

Manufacturer's Description:

The USB-SP employs an entirely new ground breaking structure - it uses two A-Plugs
to separate the Signal and power lines from the output terminals. As a PC is normally
equipped with several USB outputs, you can connect the Signal and Power lines separately,
resulting in a dramatic improvement in sound quality.

It is widely known that the radiated noise from power cables affects signal cables
and damages sound quality when a signal cable and a power cable are installed in parallel or
 come into contact with each other. However, most USB cables available on the market have the signal line and power line in one cable together - we can easily imagine how sound quality is deteriorated by this structure.

Some high-end USB cables have independently shielded signal and power lines.  However, these two lines are in close proximity in the same cable and are constantly causing noise reflections inside the outer shielding tube which will significantly damage sound quality.

The power supply lines in USB cables transmit a large amount of 'noise' that is generated by the PC (computer). This 'noise' seriously degrades the quality of the signal being transmitted and therefore, audio sound quality is greatly reduced.

USB-SP and USB-PL are equipped with two independent cables consisting of a two-core shielded structure with a 100% shielding effect obtained by using a copper foil. This is the only USB cable which is successful in stopping noise interaction between the power and signal lines.

USB-SP and USB-PL USB cables are 100% Made in Japan and are equipped with our maximum technology to realize the highest-end sound quality, i.e.

_ Conductor: Thick 0.8Φ Solid single-core PCOCC-A (the highest diameter USB cable currently available on the market)

_ Outer shielding with Carbon SF tube to prevent radiation noise

_ Original USB plug made from 2017S air craft grade aluminum alloy

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