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Bel Canto's USB Link 24/96
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Bel Canto's USB Link 24/96

Digital by Bel Canto

Manufacturer's Description:

The USB Link 24/96, the must-have component for computer hard disc music systems.

The USB Link 24/96 converts a computer-derived USB input of up to 24 bits and 96kHz to SPDIF and outputs the signal on a 75 ohm BNC.  Significantly improves the sound of your 16-bit 44.1 kHz music files as well!

• Converts USB computer-sourced files to SPDIF output

• Compatible with native drivers on Mac and Windows

• Accepts high-resolution audio files with data rates up to 24 bits and 96KHz

• Quality Stereovox XV2 BNC/BNC with RCA adaptor connects to any quality DAC

• USB Link 24/96 disables system volume control

• Low-jitter clock recovery features reference crystal oscillator

• Self-powered via USB input benefiting from LC filters and low-noise local regulation

• Galvanic isolation between computer and audio system prevents high-frequency noise from polluting signal



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