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USB 2 D/A MKII Convertor
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USB 2 D/A MKII Convertor

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Manufacturer's Description:

The USB 2 D/A is an upsampling 24/192 DAC – Digital-to-Analog Converter for use in high-end or pro audio environment. Supports up to 24bit/192kHz sampling frequency via S/PDIF COAX and AES/EBU, TOSLink and USB. Furthermore it is designed to work as an external computer soundcard via USB 1.1 connection (no drivers needed for windows or apple). With the integrated audiophile headphone amplifier all digital inputs (even USB) can be monitored. The USB 2 D/A improves the audio signal of any CD/DVD Player, PC, Notebook, DAW's, WiFi Player etc…all connectable digital audio sources.

No Op-Amps in signal path
The AQVOX USB 2 D/A was designed using innovative discrete technology. Only single transistors are used in the amplification stages. No integrated circuit amplifiers (OP-amps) and the latest state of the art components to sound most dynamic, highly detailed yet neutral and untiring. We believe the USB 2 D/A to be a unit with outstanding sound quality and an excellent value.

NEW in the MKII Version:
Headphone amplifier in audiophile quality and USB headphone amp.
The fully discrete Class-A circuitry has no IC in signal path and
delivers exceptional sound quality at actual high end niveau.
A first class monitoring solution. The headphone amp is coupled directly to the DAC chip.
This saves the voltage gain stage - a shorter signal path is almost not possible.

No global overall feedback
Fully discrete (single transistors) Single Ended Class A amplification technology and the use of just one amplifier per balanced analog output stage provides you with today's best possible sound quality. The amplifier section runs without global overall negative feedback, only local FB is used. Thus the amplifier generates drastically less dynamic distortions.

JitterEx precision-reclocking 192kHz/24Bit upsampling
Before the digital to analog conversion process, all signals are upsampled and converted to 192kHz/24Bit (unless the bypass is activated). This procedure is advantageous because DACs can offer better performance at higher sampling rates. Upsampling enables filtering to take place far beyond the range of human hearing, as well as offering other, audible benefits, right across the audio band, including improved transient response and less ringing. This results in a more open, transparent sound, tighter bass and a generally more "musical" sound.
NEW in the MKII Version: by factor 15 improved Clock.

True balanced circuitry for entire analog signal path
Featured with an AES/EBU digital input and a balanced XLR analog output the USB 2 D/A is the best choice for professional users to monitor digital recordings. True balanced circuitry for entire analog signal path. The USB 2 D/A is also excellent for persons who strive for the highest level of sound quality from their home audio systems, as well as for computer users who like to get the best output quality from their Workstations or Notebooks. No need to use a low-fi inbuilt soundcard. Furthermore users can upgrade their micro hifi system (portable CD, MD... as far as they provide a digital output) to a real high-end solution. 

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