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Two Dual Mono Phono Stage
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Two Dual Mono Phono Stage

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Manufacturer's Description:

Following in the same footsteps as the world acclaimed Whest Audio PS.20 phonostage, the Whest Audio Two Dual Mono Phonostage is THE new entry level benchmark phonostage! In fact, it's 95% of a PS.20 but at $1000 less than the original.

The Whest Audio Two is a dual mono design and it has internal dip switches that are adjustable for gain and cartridge loading which allows for both MC & MM cartridges. The Whest Audio Two's input stage also utilises ultra low noise circuitry and ultra low noise multi-regulation so that MC cartridges with extremely low output levels have no problems when connected.

With the whest Audio Two Dual Mono Phonostage you will hear much clearer mid and high frequencies and because the high frequency is extended ALL instruments down to basses and kick drums will sound much more realistic with better transient response and positioning within the soundstage. It is only now by using modern audiophile playback equipment that we can appreciate just how much information there is on vinyl.

The majority of modern phonostages are developments of circuits published by the IC chip manufacturers, which with the help of regulated supplies and expensive components, can achieve quite respectable results but generally suffer from image instability and solidity, resolution and no drive capability. IC chips are not capable of driving difficult loads, even an audiophile grade 1m interconnect is quite an obstacle; the maximum output current available from even the best IC chip being only about 50mA. This lack of current and headroom has a detrimental effect on speed, solidity, musical drive and soundstage accuracy.

Like the famed Whest Audio PS.20 PhonoStage, the whest Audio Two Dual Mono Phonostage uses output devices usually found in the driver stages of modern esoteric power amplifiers. Each of these driver transistors has a current capability of 3A, and in conjunction with a newly developed discrete circuit operating up to 30 MHz provides a combination of massive headroom and speed.

Because of the different needs of the various circuits involved in the whest Audio Two Dual Mono Phonostage a special power supply was needed. The transformer is a bespoke unit developed by Whest Audio Ltd and manufactured in the UK. The current capability of the WPSU is about 100 times what the whest Audio Two theoretically needs, the extra headroom being totally beneficial to audio reproduction.

• Full Dual-Mono configuration.
• 2 Box layout with separate multiple voltage and high current power supply.
• Ultra low noise input with a frequency response of 1Hz-100KHz.
• RIAA curve accuracy to within 0.2dB.
• RIAA extension to 50kHz for better definition and ambience.
• Hybrid filter configuration.
• High current, Class-A discrete output stage.
• Fully variable cartridge gain and loading via internal dil switch.

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