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Turntable Stand (#A015)
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Turntable Stand (#A015)

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Manufacturer's Description:

The VPI turntable stand is composed of a welded steel base section 30” high with spiked leveling feet.  The four columns are hollow and can be filled with sand or zing shot for better damping.  Three welded cross bar shelves allow the placement of SDS, phono section, and preamp or any combination of equipment you might want to use. 

The top section of the table is 3” thick MDF with black oak on all four sides, black semi-gloss Formica on the top, and a cutout and isolation system for the HR-X dual motor assembly.

The complete system will level, support, and isolate, any turntable on the market in a stable and attractive manner.

The base assembly is 25” wide X 19” deep X adjustable 30” high and retails for $700.00 

The top is 27” wide X 21” deep X 3” thick and can sit on tip toes or isolation balls (provided by VPI) and retails for $700.00

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