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TuneBlock S {Set of 4}
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TuneBlock S {Set of 4}

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Manufacturer's Description:

Since the launch of the TuneBlocks line in January 2005, customers have asked about using TuneBlocks with speakers. We're excited to announce a brand new concept in speaker isolation with our TuneBlock S. The "S" stands for "spikes" because the TuneBlock S includes a tough stainless steel insert capable of taking almost any type of speaker spike. Load tested up to 250 pounds per footer, the TuneBlock S can support just about anything out there.

Based around our Series 2 Standard TuneBlock, the TuneBlock S raises your speaker by only an inch - almost perfectly preserving your current speaker setup. And since these footers simply accommodate your existing speaker spikes, installation is quick and easy. Use these TuneBlocks on any spiked component, including heavy amplifiers. Each TuneBlock S is 2" in diameter, 1" tall, and includes a 0.75" stainless steel insert with a 0.5" countersunk dimple. Sold in sets of 4.


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