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TuneART Floor Stander
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TuneART Floor Stander

Acoustic Treatments by

RoomTune Acoustic Treatment Special Offers:  

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Note:  Single panel prices are 60% of pair price; you can save up to $98 for Wall Panels and $228 for Floor Standers by ordering in pairs!

RoomTuneART proves that effective acoustic treatment can be an attractive addition to your room!

Designer Michael Green further refines his acoustic treatment concept first developed for the HermanMiller design house. These acoustic panels are hand-painted artworks with high efficiency acoustic diffusion and absorption characteristics. Available in on wall and free standing designs, these panels can control overly reverberant spaces, and acoustically tune high performance audio and video rooms to anchor and deepen center images, manage "first reflections," and generally re-equalize the acoustic space.

As with all of Michael Green's acoustic designs, a priority is to avoid over-attenuation of higher frequencies, a common negative side effect of acoustic treatment products. Like real life, the room should retain enough of it's lively characteristic to achieve natural-sounding control.

A palette of color and pattern choices are available, all for "standard" pricing, or you can have a paint sample closely color matched for a 10% upcharge with a 4 panel minimum order. Note that the gloss characteristics, or reflectivity, of the paint type used on the panels may lead to slight variances in perceived color from the provided paint samples. This is normal and to be expected.

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