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Harmonic Technology's Truth Link III (Pair)
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Harmonic Technology's Truth Link III (Pair)

Interconnects by Harmonic Technology

Manufacturer's Description:

Harmonic Technology’s Truth-Link III highest purity copper interconnect cable, which is available in both a single-ended RCA connection and a balanced XLR configuration, utilizes our unique (OCC) Single Crystal™ copper conductors to provide the finest copper interconnect cable available. Our research in Balanced Field Geometry™ and the use of the best insulation available allows Harmonic Technology’s Truth-Link III interconnects to open up the sound field of your system like you have never experienced before.

Harmonic Technology’s Truth-Link III interconnect cable has the ability to smooth out any systems that has a tendency towards brightness. This interconnect does not ignore the high frequencies though; it merely provides less distortion due to the elimination of crystalline barriers. The Truth-Link III interconnect cable is simply the most musically perfect cable because the mid-range clarity is unsurpassed by any others in the market. Overall tonal balance is perfection itself, along with the coherence of all frequency ranges. Imaging is holographic, and vocalists or solo instruments sound as if they are actually performing in your room. The Truth-Link III interconnect definitively adds a velvety black background to the music and picture, providing a completely new dimension to your home entertainment experience.

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Price: $350.00
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