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Analysis Plus's Theater 4 (Pair)
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Analysis Plus's Theater 4 (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Analysis Plus

Manufacturer's Description:

Don't let long cable runs diminish home theater sound. Theater 4 speaker wire is our premium four-wire UL CL3 in-wall cable that delivers the full sonic signal from your amplifier to your speakers.

Four 16 awg conductors use our proprietary braided hollow oval geometry that keeps every conductor wire statistically as close to the return current as every other wire. The evenly distributed current density gives you a big performance upgrade from solid-conductor cable designs.
We pay as much attention to materials as we do to design, relying on special oxygen-free copper for smooth, effortless audio. A carefully mated low-loss dielectric helps keep noise levels low. The result is an affordable in-wall cable that sounds every bit as good as many pricier 'short-run' cables on the market.

Outer Dimensions - 14mm x 7mm
Banana, pin & spade connectors available.

Click to view Biwired version.

Pricing Information

Amp End
Speaker End
Price: $125.00
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