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Tara Labs's The Zero Edge Digital (RCA)
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Tara Labs's The Zero Edge Digital (RCA)

Digital Cables by Tara Labs

Manufacturer's Description:

Tara Labs The Zero Edge Digital Cable

What is Digital Bit-stream? The digital bit-stream is a complex series pulses in a simple on or off (called binary) code. These impulses, in the correct sequence, can be used to reproduce sounds, such as a single sine wave. For example, a 200 cycle (200 Hz) sine wave.

A complex arrangement of sine waves can be made into a square wave. A square wave can be used to represent a musical note with its harmonic structure (overtones). Every musical note is unique and complex. Mathematically speaking, a square wave is an infinite series of sine waves at all of the odd harmonics of the fundamental. Example: A 200 Hz square wave is composed of sine waves at 200 Hz, 600 Hz, 1,000Hz, 1,400 Hz, 1,800 Hz, etc. Only the correct series of sine waves can correctly create a 200 Hz square wave. Hundreds of higher-order harmonics are required to reproduce the correct harmonic structure of a musical note without distortion.

In the digital world, a square wave can be thought of as a ‘group’ or ‘packet’ of digital impulses that will make a musical note. And multiple packets of digital impulses are able to reproduce the combination of sounds that we call music.

Why do Digital cables sound different or possibly better? The most significant reason for the different sound in digital recording and playback systems is the phenomenon of ‘errors’. The most widely known error is called ‘jitter’. Jitter can be thought of as a timing error or a distortion of the digital bit-stream within the digital send and receive components and the digital interconnect cable. The timing errors (digital jitter) can be reduced by using better quality cable with superior shielding to reject interference within the cable.




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