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Moth Group's The Tube Imp - Mini Tube Tester
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Moth Group's The Tube Imp - Mini Tube Tester

Tube Accessories by Moth Group

Manufacturer's Description:

The Tube Imp - Mini Tube Tester

Moth group are pleased to announce the availability of the Tube Imp mini tube tester. Designed and built in the UK, the Tube Imp measures the steady state current, gain and transconductance characteristics of any B9A double triode tube with the standard ECC83/ECC88 Footprint

Operating at 12VDC from the included external power supply, the Tube Imp offers matching and parameter testing of a range of commonly used double triode valves at a price that is affordable to individual valve equipment enthusiasts as well as retail outlets small OEM concerns.

HT Voltage maximum: 200 Volts
HT Voltage adjustment: 0-200 Volts
HT Setting accuracy: Typically better than +/-2%
HT Current: 10mA max
HT Impedance on Gain setting: >1Meg Ohm
Grid Voltage range: 0 to -10 Volts
Grid Voltage setting accuracy: Typically better than +/-2%
Heater Voltage: 6.3/12.6volts DC switchable
Heater Current 350mA, 500mA for less than 5 mins
Measurement Accuracy:
Cathode Current: +/-2%
Transconductance: +/-4%
Gain: (Anode Impedance in K Ohms)+/-5%
Valves that can be tested:
ECC81/12AT7 ECC82/12AU7 ECC83/12AX7
ECC88/6DJ8WA/6922 ECC189 ECC803

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Price: $599.00
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