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BDR Sound Enhancement Equipment's The Source
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BDR Sound Enhancement Equipment's The Source

Racks and Stands by BDR Sound Enhancement Equipment

Manufacturer's Description:

Formerly known as Black Diamond Racing.  The Source platform is the ultimate platform for source components such as transports or turntables and is also highly recommended for heavier components, working best with those over 20 lbs.

Made with BDR’s proprietary carbon fiber composite technology materials and clear coated on both sides for an elegant and understated appearance, the BDR Source is double the mass of the Stereophile Recommended BDR Shelf and is 1¼” thick, providing even greater isolation than the world renowned BDR Shelf. This higher mass and greater rigidity gives the BDR Source the ability to remove an additional layer of haze and distortion, revealing stunning improvements in pacing, detail and depth. Just like the BDR Shelf, BDR Cones are highly recommended for isolating the BDR Source board from the rack and also as an interface between the BDR Source and the component.

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