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The Resonator
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The Resonator

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We have recently experienced lengthy delays in deliveries from Finite Elemente. Please contact us to discuss the timing of your purchase, your system, and best resonance control options.

Manufacturer's Description:

Resonator - The Sound of Silence

Sound-impairing intrinsic resonance from hi-fi components is now a thing of the past.

Joint research with the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund has resulted in the development of a simple but efficient resonance dissipating device that considerably reduces annoying resonance. Conventional attenuation of component cabinets, using mass blocks for example, is mostly without any real effect, as the newly generated intrinsic frequencies are affected by the musical spectrum to such an extent that the sound-impairing effects are simply relocated. The Resonator converts this resonance energy into heat across a broad band and specifically, thus redefining the sound of silence.

The Resonator 1000Hz is a broad band (200-1000Hz) resonance dissipating device.  Placed on the top perimeter, it is effective for all electronics, especially digital and tube devices where resonance is most detrimental to the sound.  Aluminum and stainless steel construction.  

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