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Herbie's Audio Lab's The Black Hole CD Mat
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Herbie's Audio Lab's The Black Hole CD Mat

CD Accessories by Herbie's Audio Lab

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Manufacturer's Description:

The Black Hole is a hybrid CD Mat/Hubcap with a mild pressure-sensitive adhesive, designed either to be kept permanently on an individual CD/SACD/DVD or removed and reapplied perpetually from one disc to another. All you need is one. Having several can come in handy though, as you can just leave The Black Hole full-time on frequently played CDs that benefit particularly well with it.

By reducing microphonic vibrations at the disc/clamp interface, The Black Hole CD mat delivers amazing mid/upper detail resolution, powerful bass, great timbre. Reveals subtle nuance and details, some of which may have been previously unheard or unheard in their true timbre. (Actual degree of sonic improvement will vary from one component/system to another.) Compatible with all CD, SACD, DVD mechanisms. Made with unique carbon microfiber-filled elastomer. 1.75" diameter x .021" thick. Weight: 1.1 gram.

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