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Synergistic Research's Tesla REL Spec Subwoofer 1 LE
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Synergistic Research's Tesla REL Spec Subwoofer 1 LE

Subwoofer Cables by Synergistic Research

Prices listed are for the domestic US market only. Export prices and 230v prices are higher, and there are restrictions with respect to sales into certain international markets which have active distribution for Synergistic Research products.  Please discuss availability with your Cable Company representative before placing orders for SR products for export outside the United States.

Manufacturer's Description:

Usage: Synergistic Research introduces a completely new line of SR SPEC REL Sub-Bass System specific subwoofer cables, which utilize (X2) Active Shielding technology for even higher levels of performance. The beneficial sonic impact of the handcrafted SR SPEC REL Subwoofer Cable travels surprisingly far beyond just the bass frequencies. These new cables will not only improve the bass definition and pitch, but also system sound-staging, dynamics and detail. Users will experience more 'weight' to the mids and highs. From top to bottom across the frequency spectrum, the presentation is significantly more realistic and alive.

The new Active TESLA LE speaker cables feature the ability to change the voicing of your system via three different Active Shielding circuits, called “Enigma Bullets”. Each circuit features a different sonic characteristic:

• Silver Module = Open and airy
Black Module = Warm and rich
Grey Module = A hybrid of both the Black and Silver

The “Enigma Bullets” enables you to fine tune any component for a perfect system match.

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