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Synergistic Research's Tesla PowerCell 4
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Synergistic Research's Tesla PowerCell 4

Power Conditioners by Synergistic Research

Prices listed are for the domestic US market only. Export prices and 230v prices are higher, and there are restrictions with respect to sales into certain international markets which have active distribution for Synergistic Research products.  Please discuss availability with your Cable Company representative before placing orders for SR products for export outside the United States.

Contact us for special purchase offers including an upgraded AC cable with your Powercell!

Manufacturer's Description:

The  PowerCell 4 is based on an evolution of our now patented  Electromagnetic Cell Technology. The PowerCell 4 is non current  limiting, is not fused or switched for maximum transparency, and sold  with a generic 14-gauge power cord that is Quantum Tunneled along with  the PowerCell 4 during the Quantum Tunneling process. Listening  impressions are based on either an Active TESLA T3 or Precision AC  powering the PowerCell 4. Sonically the PowerCell 4 is highly detailed  with a sweet treble and controlled low frequency presentation. Its sound  staging is more pinpoint to the PowerCell 10 SE's massive liquidity.  Where the PowerCell 10 SE throws the larger and more liquid sound stage,  the PowerCell 4 is articulate and able to throw a large and highly  focused sound field. This difference is much like the difference between  a TESLA Precision AC and a TESLA Hologram A or D power cord.  Experienced SR users should know what I mean by this.

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