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Tellurium Copper Cable Pod for Speaker (Set of 2)
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Tellurium Copper Cable Pod for Speaker (Set of 2)

Binding Post by

Manufacturer's Description:

Stereo Pair Pack

* Audiophile quality binding post compatible with all banana plugs and standard speaker terminations.
* Contact element machined from high-purity tellurium copper (over 90% IACS) for excellent conductivity. Optimized surface area, thickness, and mass for better signal transfer, fewer skin effect artifacts, and better sound.
* Unique hollow tube design for best possible signal transmission.
* Proprietary polymer telescoping mechanism to facilitate clamping of spades and bare wire without introducing a dissimilar metal. Results in superior sound, and a better, more solid connection.
* Securing nut insulated from the conductive element by threaded polymer guide, thus eliminating a dissimilar metal from the signal path. Enhanced signal integrity and better sound.
* Currently used by a growing number of audiophile amplifier and loudspeaker manufacturers.
Designed and manufactured in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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