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Eichmann ETI's Tellurium Copper Bayonet Banana Plug {Set of 4}
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Eichmann ETI's Tellurium Copper Bayonet Banana Plug {Set of 4}

Banana by Eichmann ETI

Manufacturer's Description


* Utilises highly annealed, highly conductive tellurium copper; or machined solid silver (99.99% pure) for superior conductivity.
* Proprietary design. Unique use of hollow tube for best signal transmission.
* Optimised surface area and ideal mass for better signal transfer, fewer skin effect artifacts, and better sound.
* Spring loaded steel locking mechanism, purposely separate from the conducting element for superior sound, and a better, more solid connection.
* Extensive use of glass impregnated moulded polymers. Ideal resonance and electrical characteristics.
* Crimp or solder connection.
* Black or blue polymer housings.
* Fully compatible with all binding posts.
* Designed and manufactured in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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Price: $89.00
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