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Harmonix's TU-800EX-i Tuning Record Matte
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Harmonix's TU-800EX-i Tuning Record Matte

Analog Accessories by Harmonix

Manufacturer's Description:

TU-800EX Tuning Record Matte

Tunes your record platter assembly at a frequency outside the audio band and eliminates the resonance which affects your sound. Improves balance and clarity, adds depth, and boosts information concentration across the entire sound range. Each instrument is clearly delineated and the naturalness of the tone is enhanced. The mat is lighter than ever before, and is now compatible with almost any turntable.

Width: 29.3cm
・ Thickness: 1.0mm
・ Weight: 65g (0.143 lbs.)
・ Color: Black, gold, or silver  

Pricing Information

Price: $325.00
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