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Alpha Core Goertz's TQ 2 Triode Quartz Copper XLR (Pair)
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Alpha Core Goertz's TQ 2 Triode Quartz Copper XLR (Pair)

Interconnects by Alpha Core Goertz

Manufacturer's Description:

Since we introduced the new "Micro Purl" interconnect cables many customers has asked us whether we are planning a new version of our popular TQ1(discontinued) cable incorporating the same features which have proven so successful in "Micro Purl". The new TQ 2 is made in similar fashion as Micro Purl, by twisting the bundle of solid fine silver conductors and copper ground plane in line with the extrusion of a tough, crystal clear jacket of high grade polymer. The result may be coiled and handled like any other cable and will take considerable punishment without equivalent to AWG 22, and the overall diameter is .32" versus .25" for Micro Purl. The electrical parameters and sonic characteristics are the same as those of TQ 1(discontinued) except for the fact that the in-line twist has further improved the EMI and RF noise rejection inherent in the low inductance geometry.

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Price: $142.00
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