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Thorens's TD350 with SME M2 Tonearm and Dustcover
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Thorens's TD350 with SME M2 Tonearm and Dustcover

Turntables by Thorens

Manufacturer's Description:
Black is pictured.

"Luxuriously attractive and nice to use, this classic-style manual turntable demonstrates that Thorens values its heritage. It gives a full and well-shaped bass, and even if it doesn't have quite the rhythmic get-up-and-go of a Rega for example, this makes for a convincing foundation on all kinds of music. Overall, it is smooth, detailed and with good stereo imaging." – Steve Harris, Hi-Fi News, December 2007,

"…The 350 revives the brand's famous suspended-subchassis design…banging on the plinth or the platform – and I mean banging, not tapping – didn't faze the system. I couldn't hear the faintest thump through my speakers…The TD 350 produced a 1004Hz test track – about as good as it gets…There was weight and control on bottom…There wasn't a hint of midbass bloat: the mids were rich, full and nicely detailed. And the top was sweet, yet vibrant and extended…classic 'suspended-turntable sound' done to perfection, without the soft, bottom-end discontinuity and bloat often heard from such designs…" – Michael Fremer, Stereophile, May 2007

The revival of Thorens' unique subchassis concept is startling with their new TD 350. The TD 350 represents the perfect symbiosis of a mass drive and a subchassis turntable and unites the benefits of both technologies. Experience the rebirth of a unique technology with the most modern materials and the latest knowledge inside the TD 350. Thorens calls is "IDD" (Independent Double Damping) and speak of the way the subchassis is suspended inside the massive wooden plinth. This kind of suspension damps the vibrations and excursions in the horizontal and the vertical completely independent of each other. In combination with their nine-pound heavy platter and the new low-friction bearing, this drive has got such an incredible stable and calm rotation that results in high resolution and big dynamics. The built-in electronic unit controls and stabilizes the speed exactly.

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