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Thorens's TD160HD with TP 250 Tonearm
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Thorens's TD160HD with TP 250 Tonearm

Turntables by Thorens

Manufacturer's Description:

"…it's simpler, even more sensible, but the performance now needs no apologies. Add that to all the techy stuff you can wax lyrical about and the dear old TD160 has become downright sexy…The best thing about the TD160's inherent honesty, it's reluctance to step forward in the process, is that it allows records to speak for themselves rather than standing over them, pointing out their shortcomings…This ability to embrace the emotional compass of a performance is exactly why you should invest in analogue in the first place. The Thorens delivers a more immediate return on your investment than any other deck I've tried near the price…In fact, this Thorens has to represent one of the biggest analogue bargains of all time." – Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+, Issue 56

This table has been developed based on the legendary Thorens TD150 and TD160 models. It yields maximum performance within the smallest possible space and embraces all the tried-and-tested Thorens virtues of the past 50 years. The overall dimensions, including the dustcover, are equivalent to the famous Thorens 160 series.

The TD160HD is a subchassis in the conventional sense but with some applied innovations. It consists of a conical suspension system that is not "freely floating" but is progressively damped. Instead of the traditional spiral steel springs, the subchassis employs a newly developed flexible plastic suspension which excels in muting distorting micro oscillations while at the same time relying on the virtues of a mass turntable. This new "suspension system" also facilitates adjustments of the subchassis.

The one-piece platter with an outer diameter of 12 ¼ inches is made from modified acrylic polymer material and has an optimum ration with respect to mass and inertia. The supplied platter mat also optimizes record care and "coupling" of the record to the platter.

The base plate, tonearm platform and adjustable feet are made from RDC material and the drive system consists of a synchronous motor, which is controlled by tried and tested circuitry.

What is RDC? RDC stands for Resonance Dampening Compound. We know that acoustic wave resonance spreads within homogenous material at constant speed and direction. If we introduce another material, speed and direction are affected; resonance is influenced and cannot pass without being affected by the physical change in the material. Therefore, inhomogeneous materials do not conduct resonance well.

RDC is made from micro-granules of materials at each end of the elasticity module having the same mass. The result is a non-homogeneous material of high mechanical stability, which provides equal dampening of resonant frequencies across the audible range.


Drive system    precision belt drive (internal)
Motor    elec. controlled AC synchronous
Speeds    33-1/3 rpm & 45 rpm
Speed selection    electronically
Turntable platter    Acrylic, 12" / 4.4 lb.
Tonearm    Thorens TP 250 (std.) / SME M2-9 (opt.)
Anti-skating    by magnet (TP 250) / by bias weight (M2-9)
Automatic    -
Switch off    -
Capacitance of signal leads    120 pF
Power supply    external mains adaptor
Dimensions (W x H x D)    17" x 7" x 13.5"
Weight    17.6 lbs.
Finish    black ash (vinyl veneer)

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