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Hanss Acoustics's T-60
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Hanss Acoustics's T-60

Turntables by Hanss Acoustics

Manufacturer's Description:

T-60 Turntable

    * Type : Rigid Turnable Standalone Motor
    * Platter : 2000mm CNC Aluminum 19kg hardcoat Anodized
    * Bearing : Magnetic Suspension Low Friction Bearing with Stainless Steel Ball
    * Chassis : CNC precision cut aluminum acrylic sandwich
    * Color: Brush aluminum reflective Black   
    * Thickness : 10/20/10/10/20/6/20/10mm
    * Magnetic Suspension adjustable feet
    * Motor : Dual Synchronized European AC Motor,
    * Housing: Aluminum,
    * speed:33.3rpm/45rpm GRS system
    * Pulley: Acrylic adjustable
    * Belt: 6PC silicon
    * Additional Features : SC-30 Speed Controller
    * VTA: 20-25mm Range
    * Tonearm Base: Suitable for SME Tonearms                           
    * Total Weight: 58.6 Kgs
    * Dimension : 635mm x 435mm x 282mm
    * Record Clamp
    * Acrylic Stroboscope
    * Level Meter

Pricing Information

Price: $7,800.00
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