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T-2 Digital
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T-2 Digital

Digital: SPDIF by

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Application: Ultra-Wide bandwidth digital data cable. Data source to DAC. S/PDIF

Construction: Core consists of a Ag/Cu, oxide free / Lab Grade center conductor with a 7 layer aerospace grade amorphous PTFE® and air primary insulation. Dual shielding is proprietary to Nirvana and virtually eliminates RF, EMI and triboelectric noise from contaminating the data signal. This shielding is cushioned by a 6 layer amorphous PTFE® and air secondary insulation combined with a 3 layer multi-ply PTFE® laminate designed to suppress shift and insure vibration damping. Jacket is a fiber mesh. Cable assembly is terminated with true 75ohm BNC connector for Nirvana by Amphenol®.

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