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Synergistic Research's SynTos Toslink
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Synergistic Research's SynTos Toslink

Digital: Optical Toslink or ST by Synergistic Research

Prices listed are for the domestic US market only. Export prices and 230v prices are higher, and there are restrictions with respect to sales into certain international markets which have active distribution for Synergistic Research products.  Please discuss availability with your Cable Company representative before placing orders for SR products for export outside the United States.

Manufacturer's Description:

Usage: Our new SynTos Toslink optical interconnect incorporates a high-speed transmission optical fiber, capable of handling over 150 Mbps. SynTos is a performance-oriented, no-frills, state-of-the-art cable, with a Precision-Focus cladding, special flexible PVC protective jacket, and a precision molded opto connector. A 24K gold-plated Exact-Fit center ferrule keeps the optical fiber perfectly centered within the connector housing, and the convex, precision polished tip assures maximum data transfer to the receiving diode. Ultimate optical performance at a reasonable price is now available! 

Pricing Information

Price: $87.50
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