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JPS Labs's Superconductor Q (Pair)
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JPS Labs's Superconductor Q (Pair)

Interconnects by JPS Labs

Manufacturer's Description:

New updated quad Alumiloy conductors at the core of this refreshed version of our very popular Superconductor FX. Our own premium beautiful chrome and 24kt gold reverse locking RCA connectors. The Q cable offers the finest in RFI, EMI, and noise rejectioin in the industry, surpassed only by our best! Excellent in long lengths, even long unbalanced cables maintain resolution similar to shorter lengths; no hum, no noise, even in the most demanding noisy city enviroment. This cable ignores external factors, ground loops, ets., like no other. Highly refined with excellent openness, soundstage, and bass definition, and very dynamic. Any level of system quality would appreciate the new Q!

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