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JPS Labs's Superconductor 3 Digital
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JPS Labs's Superconductor 3 Digital

Digital Cables by JPS Labs

Manufacturer's Description:

Consisting of both RCA and balanced XLR audio and digital interconnects, and speaker cables, the new Superconductor 3 allows for the highest amount of natural clarity ever conveyed from any high-end cable design. By taking critical pieces from our new and finest Aluminata Series (, JPS Labs created a cable that takes the listener back through the recording chain.

Newly created JPS trademark Alumiloy conductors in a noise rejecting precision quad lay topology designed to reject low to high frequency noise and the very difficult to reject magnetic noise. Unique use of medical grade kapton dielectrics applied to JPS’s stringent specifications minimize interaction with our Alumiloy conductors and the frequencies they carry. Superconductor 3 maintains proper timbre and timing across the frequency spectrum, keeping true to deep dynamic bass, clean yet full midrange and vocals, and clear highs without noise, edge, or brightness. Sound flows through these cables effortlessly.

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