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AudioPrism's SuperNatural 9.5
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AudioPrism's SuperNatural 9.5

Power Cables by AudioPrism

Manufacturer's Description:

AudioPrism, internationally recognized for it's family of high value, high performance products, has released the first two products in the new SuperNatural line of high performance power conductors- SuperNatural 9.5 and SuperNatural S2.

At the core of the SuperNatural design is the idea of controlling the spurious and electrostatic noise commonly found in other power cables. By specially treating each copper conductor bundle, electrostatically shielding them and then protecting them with a low noise outer Santoprene® jacket, 9.5 raises the bar on how a power cable should perform. Even with it's 9.5 AWG conductor size, the SuperNatural 9.5 remains very flexible. It's finely stranded OFC bare copper conductors, thin-film PTFE dielectric and true Litz configuration make the 9.5 very easy to use. Each SuperNatural 9.5 utilizes only cold-welded mechanical connections and are terminated with only premium quality IEC connectors from Hubbell®, Marinco® and Kimber®.

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Price: $495.00
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