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Super Silver (Pair)
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Super Silver (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

The Super Silver™ is the embodiment of HGA's passion to offer truly high-end performance at a very mid-fi price point. Exceptional clarity, smooth midrange response, and tight, articulate bass are clearly evident in this well proven and solidly engineered design.

The Super Silver™ is a tri-braid design that incorporates three ultra-pure solid silver conductors, each individually encased in virgin FEP Teflon insulation into an optimized flat braid geometry.

The Super Silver™ is available for termination in your choice of locking barrel silver LOK™ brand RCA connectors, Eichmann Bullet Plugs, or Neutrik™ silver-plated XLR connectors for the balanced version.


  • Optimized Tri-braided geometry
  • Individually insulated solid silver conductors
  • Virgin FEP Teflon dielectric
  • LOK ™ silver plated locking-barrel RCA connectors or Neutrik™ silver-plated XLR connectors for the balanced version

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