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Magnan Audio Cables's Super Signature Bronze
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Magnan Audio Cables's Super Signature Bronze

Power Cables by Magnan Audio Cables

Manufacturer's Description:

The engineering tradeoffs involved with our design allowed sonic performance to be increased even beyond the level established by the Signature standard power cable, as long as maximum current is limited. The “bronze” is compatible with source components only, such as DACs, transports, preamps, etc., and offers a much higher level of transparency, resolution and imaging. The design utilizes a “maxed-out” version of the built-in filtering in the standard Signature power cable and much lower time dispersion ribbon conductors.

For the absolute best sound, the “Bronze” should be plugged into the Signature power strip version, giving two Magnan power cables in series. One “Bronze” power cable can power several low-current source components with no loss in performance. To accomplish this, a custom adapter can be made going from a single male IEC with short cords to several female IEC connectors.

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