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Dynamique Audio's Summit - C7
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Dynamique Audio's Summit - C7

Power Cables by Dynamique Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Summit Fig.8 (C7) Power Cable


Related to our Summit power cable, Summit Fig.8 is an ideal way of optimising the performance of CD/DVD/Blu-Ray players, Satellite boxes, or games machines. With 1080p quality HD video and high-resolution audio formats ever more widely used, Summit Fig.8 will do full justice to these, and any future formats. Summit Fig.8 features 16 AWG pure silver solid-core conductors in a Teflon air-dielectric, twisted pair configuration and resonance filter technology for superior noise rejection and mechanical isolation. Terminations include Furutech’s premium-grade FI-8N (R) Rhodium-plated Fig.8 connector and FI-28/38 series/FI-1363R (US/EU/UK) rhodium-plated wall connectors. In use, Summit Fig.8 will extract the very most from your system, giving bright, vibrant and natural images, and a detailed and musical sound.


CONDUCTOR MATERIAL:     Pure silver (4N)
CONDUCTOR GAUGE:     2 x 16 AWG solid cores
DIELECTRIC:     Teflon, super air-spaced
CABLE GEOMETRY:     Twisted pair
DAMPING/SHIELD:     1 x resonance filter
C7 CONNECTOR:     Furutech FI-8N (R)



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