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Studio Digital
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Studio Digital

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Studio AES/EBU Digital Interconnect


Studio is a very high quality pure silver hybrid balanced digital XLR interconnect. It's ideal for connecting high performance CD transports/HDD to a DAC. Studio AES/EBU cables feature three 24 AWG high purity pure silver conductors and four 24 AWG super purity silver-plated copper conductors within a Teflon air-dielectric, along with a triple-balanced, Helical array geometry, and twin resonance filters. Terminations are premium quality Furutech FP-700 series XLR connectors. True to its name, Studio AES/EBU is a neutrally balanced cable with exceptional resolution, that will accurately and reliably transmit digital data without compromise.


CONDUCTOR MATERIALS:   Pure Silver (4N) & Silver-plated OFC copper (7N)
CONDUCTOR GAUGE:   3 x 24 AWG (Ag) & 4 x 24 AWG (SPC) solid cores
DIELECTRIC:   Teflon, air-spaced
CABLE GEOMETRY:   110 ohm Helical array, triple-balanced
DAMPING/SHIELDS:   2 x resonance filters
CONNECTORS (XLR):   Furutech FP-701M & FP-702F




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