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Streamline (Pair)
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Streamline (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

The Streamline phase and impedance corrected speaker cable is the most sophisticated Hi-Fi line never manufactured before.  It is the unique cable available with a 6.5 Ohms characteristic impedance in a large sonic frequency range, 20pF per meter capacitance and a very low phase rotation.  These unusual parameters make the Streamline out of any competitor regarding the performances, the technology, the construction and its design.

We adopt for this product:
1- Six completely separated conductors in Litz topology to avoid any intermodulation or magnetic distortion.
2- Three corrections using a new magnetic material in order to respect Heavesside equality and to correct the delay for three frequencies.
3- A tubular construction OFHC copper in order to eliminate Eddy current and to increase accuracy.
4- Air insulation to avoid any signal coloration or distortion.
5- A total 25mm(squared) copper and silver surface for a dynamic never obtained before.

The listening results are:
a- A transparency never obtained
b- Because this cable matches perfectly the amplifiers to the speakers, all the micro-informations are present, the bass is deep and firm, the treble is high, clean and flashing.
c- A tone accuracy and stage placing never obtained before
d- A reference speaker cable.

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