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Streamflex (Pair)
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Streamflex (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

The Streamflex family of cables, phase and impedance corrected speaker cables, is the most sophisticated Hi-Fi line designed and manufactured by our company.  It's a unique cable available with a very special construction never used before by a high quality cable manufacturer.  The first idea of the Streamflex cables is to put the two conductors, one far + and one for - polarities, one fitted in the other, very firmly, in order to obtain two strength conductors and to avoid any mechanical vibration:  the cause of the parasitic intermodulation distortion of the major speaker cable.  The second idea is the use of topology able the musical signals to propagates along the cable with the smallest and uniform attenuation amount.  The attenuation is the energy quantity consumed (micro-information and treble losses are the result of a high attenuation value) while the signal run along the speaker cable.

We adopt for this product:
1- Two completely separated blocks of conductors in Litz topology to avoid any intermoduation or magnetic distortion.
2- Two new generation corrections using CIMM magnetic material in order to respect Heaveside equality and to correct the delay for three frequencies (bass, midrange and highs).
3- A modified CIMM-Teflon insulation to avoid any signal coloration or distortion.
a- A transparency never obtained
b- Because this cable matches perfectly the amplifiers to the speakers, the micro-informations are present, the bass are depth and firm.
c- A tone accuracy and neutrality and stage placing never obtained before.
d- A reference speaker cable for a long time.

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