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Stream Duo Biwire (Pair)
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Stream Duo Biwire (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:
Stereo version is pictured.

The FADEL ART “Stream Duo” speaker cable was compared with the top of the line cables in this price range from the most reputated cable manufacturers like Audioquest, Monster, Kimber, Straight Wire, Wireworld, Van den Hul and others. On the special performance scale of the magazine “AUDIO” the tested cables achieved ratings from +7 to +11 in which the “Stream Duo” was the only cable which reached the rating +11. That means the “Stream Duo” was the clear winner of this test.

    Given below are some of the key remarks from the test report for the “Stream Duo” cable:
... Jean M. Fadel is on the best way to to become a HiFi legend. In every AUDIO cable tests during the past months he succeeded to astonish us with a musically outstanding cable creation ...
... the “Stream Duo” cable placed in the AUDIO listening room great and amazingly realistic sound characteristics ...
... the sound of the “Stream Duo” was never stressed ...
... the well known FADEL ART virtues naturalness and musicality are coupled with wonderful transparency ...

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