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Stream (Pair)
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Stream (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

Fadel Art is offering a wide range of high technology speaker cables to connect any kind of speakers to amplifiers. All our speaker cables are optimized for their specific application and they are corrected in respect of Impedance, Phase and Time Delay.

Furthermore all fadel Art speaker cables are available in single-wiring, in bi-wiring, and on special request in tri-wiring versions.

By the bi-wiring method the speakers are connected to the amplifier in respect to the low frequencies and to the high frequencies by separate cables. In this way the electromagnetic interferences between the low and the high frequencies are minimized and the undesired intermodulation distortions are significantly reduced.

All our speaker cables are terminated with high quality connectors and the termination process is specially designed by fadel Art. We deliver all our speaker cables as a choice with Bananas, Spades or Cable End Sleeves in order to meet every special demand of the end user.

Our latest contribution to the optimum speaker connection technology are the "Duo" versions of our best speaker cables. In the "Duo" models we are using totally separated cables for the both polarities "Plus" and "Minus". By this method the electromagnetic interferences between the two polarities are reduced to a so far never achieved level.

The fadel Art speaker cables from the "Flex" Line are our current top range. The basic construction of the "Flex" technology consists of in total 24 blocks of 3 strands each in "Litz "topology. Each single strand is separately isolated by a very special CIMM Teflon (CIMM stands for "carbon iron modified material") developed by fadel Art. The uniqueness of the "Flex" technology is that blocks of the conductors are constructed in a way that they result in in two extremely stiff and vibration-free concentric tubes of an identical diameter. By this construction for the first time practically all magnetic disturbances are effectively eliminated.

For the more economic priced "Stream" cables we are using the same basic technology, but we have reduced the number of strands and we are using conductors with enamel insulation instead of the CIMM Teflon insulation.

The "Stream" - The basic model with the "Stream" technology.

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