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Bybee's Straight 6
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Bybee's Straight 6

Power Conditioners by Bybee

Manufacturer's Description:

The Bybee Straight 6 offers surge protection, capacative filtering, super effect Bybee Purification, and 3 Teslaplex receptacles. This is as close to the Stealth that you are going to get, all in a slim chassis that can fit where the stealth can't.

Internal Filtering Mechanism

Stage 1 Filter

  • LASER WELDED Bybee Super Effect Quantum Purifiers across hot, and neutral AC
  • Standard Bybee Quantum Purifier on the ground leg of the AC
  • John Curl Designed Surge Protection

Stage 2 Filter

  • Isolation of Duplex Receptacles
  • Capacitive Filter Network
  • Bybee Slipstream Purifiers implemented within Capacitive Filter Network
  • Teslaplex AC Receptacles

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