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Storm Subwoofer
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Storm Subwoofer

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Storm Subwoofer Interconnect

Designed for active subwoofer to amplifier connections, Storm is similar to our Reflex digital cables, but is optimised for the longer lengths used in subwoofer applications. To this end, a non-metallic floating shield is fitted in conjunction with a dual aluminium foil screens, and a silver-plated copper braided shield/return. Two resonance filters are incorporated for additional RF/EMI protection and to reduce mechanically-induced distortions. Terminated with low-mass Eichmann Bullet Cu RCA plugs, and equally suited to audiophile or AV applications, Storm will improve all aspects of subwoofer performance, with a tighter, better defined bass on music, or in home cinema set-ups, low frequencies with greater punch and impact.


CONDUCTOR MATERIAL:      Silver-plated OFC copper (6N)
CONDUCTOR GAUGE:      19 AWG solid core
DIELECTRIC:      Foamed Polyethylene
CABLE GEOMETRY:      75 ohm Coaxial

     2 x resonance filters, Dual Al-foil screens,
     silver-plated copper braid,
     non-metallic floating braided shield
CONNECTORS (RCA):      Eichmann Bullet Plug Cu


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